Manage datasets for the duration of data integration projects

The integrating authority is responsible for the ongoing management of the integrated data, ensuring that the data is kept secure, confidential and fit for the purposes for which it was approved. The end to end management of data integration projects is recognised both in Principle 3, (‘Integrator’s Accountability’- High Level Principles for Data integration Involving Commonwealth Date for Statistical and Research Purposes) and in the four key roles of integrating authorities.

Integrating authorities need to ensure that datasets are managed and stored in a way that gives the community and businesses the confidence that no individual or organisation is likely to be identified. This requires appropriate data security arrangements and good data management practices.

Part of the integrating authority’s role in managing datasets is to provide data users with suitable access to integrated data. In doing so, integrating authorities need to ensure that the integrated datasets are de-identified, and if necessary, confidentialised so that no individual or organisation is likely to be identified in the data, before it is accessed by data users for analysis and research. 1

For more information on the role of integrating authorities see:
  1. Access to potentially identifiable integrated data for statistical and research purposes, outside secure and trusted institutional environments should only occur where: legislation allows; it is necessary to achieve the approved purposes; and meets agreements with source data agencies.