This section provides information on a wide range of topics relating to the Commonwealth arrangements for statistical data integration.

Scope of the Commonwealth arrangements – This section provides advice on which projects are in scope of the Commonwealth arrangements and how to determine whether or not your project is in scope.

Risk framework - High risk data integration projects must be managed by an accredited Integrating Authority. This section discusses the risk framework and how it is applied to determine whether an accredited Integrating Authority is required to manage a project.

Legal and policy considerations - This section outlines the key legal and policy considerations that data custodians and integrating authorities should address before undertaking statistical data integration projects involving Commonwealth data.

Accreditation - An integrating authority must be accredited to undertake high risk data integration projects. This section describes the accreditation process.

The separation principle - This section discusses the requirement to separate identifiers and key demographic data used for linking from the individual content or event information in statistical data integration projects involving Commonwealth data.

Data security - This section outlines the protective security measures and safe data management practices which are essential to ensure that information held in confidence by the Australian government is safeguarded from unauthorised access, disclosure, loss or misuse.

Data management - This section outlines the protocols related to all aspects of data handling, including data acquisition, processing, storage and output.

Data breaches - This section provides information and advice for agencies when acting to prevent or respond to data breaches.