Criterion III – Availability of appropriate skills

III(a) What expertise and experience does the agency have to undertake high risk data integration projects? If your agency does not have this expertise or experience, what strategies are in place to acquire the necessary expertise to undertake a high risk integration project? NOTE: Relevant skills to consider include: expertise in linkage and merging functions; expertise in privacy; expertise in confidentiality; information management skills; ability to provide useful metadata to data users; and appreciation of data quality issues.Example documentation to consider:
  • Evidence of relevant staff and project experience
  • Evidence of training attendance
  • Manuals, technical manuals related to the software used to do the linking
  • Documentation to support integration projects e.g. data linking
III(b) What documentation and training is available to ensure staff have the appropriate skills and knowledge required in high risk data integration projects?Example documentation to consider:
  • Position descriptions
  • Training courses offered/training material
  • Training attendance register

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