Final approval

This stage ensures that all necessary approvals for the project have been obtained before the data is provided to the integrating authority.

At this stage the following should occur:

  • All project specific agreements are signed by data custodians, the integrating authority and data users;
  • All authorisations to release the data are obtained (e.g. Departmental Secretary or delegate; ethics committee approval, if required; public interest determination; or consent of the data provider);
  • Any fees that are required are paid to the integrating authority according to the agreed payment schedules;
  • The integrating authority has registered details of the project on the Public Register of Data Integration Projects and submitted the risk assessment to the Oversight Board who have 10 working days to raise any concerns relating to unacceptably high systemic risk or inadequate risk mitigation.

This review period does not delay the project which can proceed to the next stage of project delivery as soon as data custodians have given their final approval for the project and the necessary agreements have been signed. For more information about the project application and approval process see: